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DEVILLA is a sui generis women's clothing and accessories store based in Dallas, TX, consisting of limited, curated items that are affordable luxury and timeless. From handbags and jewelry, to beauty and style events, our passion is to empower women to live boldly and beautifully in everyday life. Dedicated to making a difference in the lives of women in DFW, DEVILLA partners with organizations and hosts events focused on educating, serving and empowering local women to accomplish greater success in life.

Brunch at Bishop - Dare to Dream


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Brunch at Bishop - Dare to Dream



Join us for the 5th Annual Brunch at Bishop Women's book club series! We gather together for brunch every other week in the beginning of Spring to ENCOURAGE, RESTORE and EMPOWER each other as we apply practical life hack activities based on the assigned book. We have seen the lives of women change in our past series and are excited to see what God will do in your life! 



This year we are reading Dare to Dream by Paula White, available for purchase here. As a woman who has experienced tragedy and triumph, poverty and prosperity, Paula is uniquely qualified to share powerful insights with those who desire a better life and a stronger sense of self. Paula writes out of her own painful experiences and reveals the keys to healing, hope, and identity. You were not created to be shackled by negative emotions or memories. You were created to live a bold, dynamic, creative life filled with love and joy! 


Through real-life illustrations, personal stories, and stirring insights, Life Hacks, tips and activities, you will learn how to:

- See Yourself Through New Eyes // March 25

  • Re-evaluating self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Developing a healthy EQ (emotional intelligence).
  • Ask yourself the tough questions, drill to the core of your identity, and see yourself as God sees you.

ACTIVITIES: Self-Esteem Evaluation, 4 Critical Insights, Needs Analysis

- Move Beyond Loss // April 8

  • Make the decision to get up, move forward and regain your value.
  • Evaluate your life and future on God’s terms.

ACTIVITIES: 8 Vital Steps to Recovery, 3 Great Truths to Build Your Life On

BUSINESS CHAT: Allison Peña for LipSense - You've heard of this amazing lip product with over 50 shades. Ally will introduce us to the product in detail, offer a giveaway and take your orders! 

- Healing Emotional Pain // April 22

  • Getting to the root and overcoming emotional pain, anxiety and sadness.
  • Shake off painful memories, worries, fears and failures.
  • Taking the risk and trying again.

ACTIVITY: 6-Step Life Hack to Developing Courage

BUSINESS CHAT: Sonya Rodriguez for Fleuresse - Sonya is excited to introduce you to beautiful skin care 101. Fleuresse is a premium natural-base skin care line that you will fall in love with. 

- Taking Control of Your Thoughts and Beliefs // May 6

  • Reinforcing your thoughts by what you say and changing faulty belief habits.
  • Identifying what true “success” looks like in your life.

ACTIVITIES: Life Hack to Peace, The Process of Belief Renovation, My Success Life Statement

BUSINESS CHAT: Laura Cano of Laura Cano Real Estate - learn great tips on closing your new home in this tough market, and a Q&A where Laura answers our questions about home ownership. 

- Establishing Healthy Boundaries // May20

  • Setting healthy boundaries with each area of your life, and the art of saying “yes” or “no”.

ACTIVITY: Clear Up Boundary Confusion, 7 Marks of a Family with Healthy Boundaries


- Dare to Accomplish and Dream New Dreams // May 27

  • Determine new dreams and goals.
  • Take on the challenge of continual growth, and enjoy your journey.

ACTIVITY: 4 Keys to Make Change Work in Your Favor


If you are willing to stay committed, one step at a time, you are on the road to victory!

This will be the first year that we try different dates besides Saturday morning brunch hour in order to accomodate everyone's schedules. Although the agenda shows set Thursdays, the day of that week may change depending on everyone's schedule.

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- Monica and Arisbet

ABOUT MONICA ZEPEDA /// I'm passionate about teaching women practical ways of changing negative habits to live healthier lives. I'm very excited to meet you & provide this group with practical excercises that fit each topic. Whatever holds you back - be it your job, your husband, the kids, la suegra - know that your life can improve! Just dedicate the time & you'll see great results!

I earned a masters degree in Psychology from Dallas Baptist University. I also have a startup business called TeachPeek, providing resources for teachers online to use in the classroom, check it out & share

Aside from being a teacherpreneur, I enjoy quality time with my amazing kids, Genesis and David.

ABOUT ARISBET CANTU /// I'm passionate about empowering women to overcome their struggles and excel in life -beyond what they believed to be possible. The only way I have discovered this to be done, is in Christ. So I tag-team it with Monica by providing Biblical knowledge with simplified teaching of scripture to each session topic.

I earned a Biblical Studies degree from Christ for the Nations Institute, and a bachelors in Business Administration from Dallas Baptist University. I'm the owner of DeVilla women's boutique. Sample goodies will be given away in our meetings! ;)

Outside of the biz, I value quality time with the fam, the hubs, Gerardo, and our two dogs Super & XiuXa.