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Style Tip: Scarf on the Wrist


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Style Tip: Scarf on the Wrist

Arisbet Cantu


Scarves are a great accessory that women don't often use. Here's a unique way to style your scarf when not tying it around your neck or using it as a headband on your hair. While this is not a NEW idea, I am surprised how few women have seen or heard of it. It looks creative and adds a nice touch to your outfit! Aside from the look being European-chic, I have discovered very useful ways to it, and I'm sharing my top 3! (Okay, my only 3. If I was a thug life mom, I could possibly offer more...I'm sure of it.) 



And super easy to pull off.

Simply tie the fabric around your wrist and secure with a knot. Here are a few other benefits to having it on your wrist: 


1. Hide your money.

Don't just tuck it in, secure it by folding it in the scarf.

With this tip, just make sure you wrap your money around it really well, so there's no way it will slip off. See above. 


2. Wrap your keys.

Hook or loop them in, then tie and secure. Optional, you can either let them hang or tuck them under the scarf. Here, I'm wearing a sweater so I tucked them in the sleeve.

Because your squat game has been too strong for you to put keys in your back pocket. LOL, sure. Here just try it, see above. It's handy.


3. Wrap your phone.

I mean...if your phone size is border line tablet, like, no Gina. Otherwise, tie it at the end, then re-wrap around your wrist or arm.

Can you really carry your phone on your wrist without it getting annoying? Yes, your wrist and your arm. For this one, just make sure you have a short scarf, not a long one. Secure it in a sheer scarf, pull it out as needed. It's handy because you don't risk dropping it as you carry several things in your hands, and keeps you from being so distracted with notifications, buzzing and blinking lights. 

 Pictured here with a nice matching color dress, our Sofi Spring Collection Dress.   SHOP

Pictured here with a nice matching color dress, our Sofi Spring Collection Dress. SHOP


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