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About the CABRONA Tee


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About the CABRONA Tee

Arisbet Cantu


"Every woman needs a little CABRONA in her..." - Arisbet

SEPT. 2017 NOTE: Proceeds from the sale of each shirt are donated to help the victims of Mexico city's earthquake. 

OK so to be clear, I'm not going by the literal translation here. Cabrona is translated into English as 'bitch'. I think taking on the attitude of being a bitch is destructive, to say the least. I mean cabrona in a different sense. In my opinion, cabrona has taken on a different cultural meaning over time. Let me explain.

What I DO NOT mean...

My mom taught me NOT to be a cabrona when I was young. She would say, "No seas una cabrona con tu hermano Arisbet" which, in most cases, meant I was misbehaving by being mean to my older brother. In my defense, I was only defending myself. That's not what I mean.

There is also cabrón - the male version. That translates as jerk or asshole, or a man who is vengeful or a trickster in his ways. That remains the same. I've also heard that some use it to mean a man who has been cheated on but I've never heard anyone use the word in that meaning.

There is another term, 'encabronado' or 'encabronada', which is the male and female word for the person being livid. Extreme anger as a state of being, "Está encabronada." Or to be very angry at someone. She got mad at him can be said, "Ella se encabrono con él." That's not what I mean. 

Then there's the use of the word to refer to something cool which is, "Esta cabrón". And similarly, the use is to describe when things are difficult. You would say the same thing just in a different way, "No pos...ta cabrón". That's not what I mean.

When life gives you lemons, be a cabrona.

What I mean by cabrona is in direct response to life's challenges and...unwanted crap. From injustices, or being mistreated, to dealing with really difficult life circumstances - I think it is good for a woman to be a cabrona sometimes. The CABRONA Tee is a simple reminder to who is wearing it. It means to:

  • Be fearless.
  • Be courageous.
  • Have a healthy self-confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Have a strong sense of self-identity.
  • Have a mind of your own and don't allow others to think for you, or make decisions for you.
  • Not make decisions based on feelings. 
  • Not be a push-over. 
  • Be aware enough of your surroundings to evaluate a situation accurately. 
  • Be authentic and REAL 100% of the time - to yourself and others.
  • Be able to defend yourself and not need others to do it for you. 
  • Demonstrate grit and overcome the toughest challenges. (Leave no room for a victim mentality.)
  • Be too focused on your own life goals to engage in "chisme" (gossip).
  • Work hard at becoming a better version of yourself.
  • Not allow others to mistreat you, or treat you less than you deserve.

I could list a few more but this list describes it well. I must say, like most things in life, this all develops and solidifies with time.  I think every woman has a little bit of cabrona in her and it comes up every now and then. Some of the sweetest women I know are cabronas when they need to be. You don't have to be a mean person all the time, or carry RBF to be a cabrona. Being mean, vengeful or hateful are negative and very weak traits.

You need real cabronas in your life. 

Seriously. Not only should you be one, as needed, but you need to surround yourself with some. Because they will most often remind you to get up and recover yourself back to 100% after the worst problems arise in your life. Be quick to step away from women with low self-esteem. They come with impressive college degrees by the way, so don't let that distract you. You can hear them disclose they have low self-esteem if you just listen for it. That's for another blog post. I've spoken to customers at DEVILLA who describe their friendships incredibly poorly, at every age level. Some customers I've spoken to have friends who criticize the way they look, or only call them when they need something. I've talked some into getting rid of them and getting real friends. LOL! I've talked some into leaving the guy they were talking to. Not sorry. I've encouraged some to begin job hunting for a new boss. You can't get anywhere in life if you keep dead end relationships. 

The real Cabrona was Katie, not Regina George


This is why. The woman who does the right thing even when it is difficult, owns up to her mistakes and takes time to correct herself is a true cabrona. Although she started with not identity, Katie figured out who she was and started acting like it. She stopped making decisions others wanted her to make. She embraced being her smart self. She complemented other women when she was given the stage. She was given a crown and broke it into pieces to give to other women, including her frienemy. 

If you are Latina, the real cabrona was Mari-Mar not Soraya.

Soraya is who most people would say is a cabrona. She's not. It's hard to watch scenes from the novela and not feel sorry for her! She was vengeful, scheming, placed a lot of attention on her looks, had low self-esteem and lived always on the defense. Watching it over and listening to Maria's responses you get a good sense of her solid self-value and personal empowerment to overcome every issue she faced. 

Get the popcorn ready for the fab flashback, such a good novela! Enjoy these top 10 enfrentamientos.

And of course, enjoy the shirt.