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Style Session: Date Night After Work


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Style Session: Date Night After Work

Arisbet Cantu

Dress as you would dress if you were going on a date with a guy you LIKE. Keywords: you like this guy.

Meet Van, she's single, under 30 and she's from Dallas. She mainly wears traditional and sporty clothes but would like to wear creative, artistic, romantic and feminine styles that better express who she is. 




Tips prior to styling:

First - never apologize to anyone for the way you look. You are still you, just own it and smile. If you’re planning on going on a date right after work, pack a changing bag the night before. You can wear dark denim jeans because if you must wear jeans dark denim look dressy. Then pack a wrinkle free top and dressy shoes of your choice. If you want nicer accessories for the date, pack those too. The solid black top is fine, you can tuck it into your jeans, add a belt, throw on a dressy blazer and accessorize.

TIP: Getting ready for date night can be hard but it doesn't have to be. Whether you recently met the guy or have known him for some time, just be comfortable with what you wear. There's no rule that says you have to dress up or pack on the make-up. If you're not comfortable in heels, find dressy flats or dressy sneakers. If you feel awkward in tight fitted dresses, wear a loose fit romper or flowy casual dress. Because if you wear things you are not naturally comfortable in, you won't have the best time and you may come across as not confident, awkward, or nervous. 


She mentioned she liked a glamorous look. Our sequin vest paired with a solid bodycon dress is the easiest thing to make you look amazing with no time! This is a good outfit if the date is to a casual concert at the Door or an evening out at a patio.

ACCESSORIES:  Rose Gold watch and Rose Gold Bangles with Gold Glass Earring Studs. 

MAKE UP: Wear a bright red lip and shimmery bronze / browns, medium blush and gold eye shadow colors with eyeliner and mascara.

DV: You seem to wear a lot of natural tones. Would you ever wear bold colors? Like neon green, you know just brighter bold colors?
Van: No! I would to the gym maybe but not outside of the gym. 

2. MODERN LUXE ON THE PATIO DATE NIGHT (our nature...and yes it's a winner.)

DV: OMG you look so happy in this one!!!
Van: I KNOW! I don't know why! ( LOL)
DV: Because this is you

She mentioned she liked comfortable loose fitting clothing and materials that are flowy and soft. This gorgeous shawl is all of the above (available for purchase in store) and has bold colors that pop on her skin tone, and bring a modern edgy design to her style. She doesn't wear hats, but clearly she should. This white summer hat is perfect for a summer patio dinner date in Dallas. Her goals were to deliver the message that she is fun, fashionable and friendly (approachable). This outfit accomplishes all of these goals for her. 

ACCESSORIES: White Summer Hat, Rose Gold watch and Rose Gold Bangles

MAKE UP: If we were to say wear fuchsia lip gloss she would say NO. But in the summer, and paired with these colors, it's perfect. She can wear it as heavy or as light as she'd like. It really compliments her skin tone. Pair it with ivory, nude and neutral color eye shadows, a thick liner and mascara. In this picture she has a basic thick eyeliner on her upper eyelid - but if she really wanted to step it up a bit, she could do a thick winged eyeliner.  


Van mentioned a style she would like to wear but does not wear at the present time is romantic. A great way to do romantic is red lace! This snug red lace dress is the right dress to wear salsa dancing with a guy you like. It flatters her figure in a nice way and she looks incredibly gorgeous. We had to curl her hair for this one. Side note: don't wear clunky heels, or high heels to salsa night. Find cute shorter heels with ankle straps, your feet will thank you the next day. 

ACCESSORIES: Our Gold Bracelet with Ruby Red Gem, Gold Druzy stone ring, our black lace choker and The Jackie (gold) evening bag

MAKE UP: Wear a smokey eye, with eyeliner, mascara, light facial contour and a bold red lip color. 

AND Just for fun, a Saturday brunch date...

If It's Saturday, brunch is the best time to get to know a guy in Dallas. It's casual, you can feel most comfortable, and if the date doesn't go well, you can still make plans for a fun time with friends Saturday night. LOL! Kinda kidding...But also, brunch demands you talk and get to know each other over every-day food. I'd hit the next button if he doesn't like tacos, wouldn't you?

Van's wearing our DV Paisley pant (dressy sweatpants are the best), off the shoulder denim top, white summer fedora and one of our over-sized handbags to help with the day's shopping or errands. A nice touch is the neck tie scarf. It's light and ties the whole outfit together well. We also did a loose braid to the side. *Optional, she can also tie it on the handbag. 

MAKE UP: A natural nude colored matte lip, minimal natural make up tones. 

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