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DEVILLA is a sui generis women's clothing and accessories store based in Dallas, TX, consisting of limited, curated items that are affordable luxury and timeless. From handbags and jewelry, to beauty and style events, our passion is to empower women to live boldly and beautifully in everyday life. Dedicated to making a difference in the lives of women in DFW, DEVILLA partners with organizations and hosts events focused on educating, serving and empowering local women to accomplish greater success in life.


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Success In A New Handbag

Arisbet Cantu



Featuring: Monica Zepeda, M.A.

What handbag will you rely on to get you through the year? 

Let's start with what accomplished goals will ultimately matter as you raise your glass for 2019. Are you starting a new job? Maybe you're hoping to finally meet the 'right one'. Possibly, you're determined to stay organized and progress to new projects at home and work. We have hand-picked options for you to consider, all available for purchase. 


The Backpack

Ready for Adventure

This style bag helps you prep for what may come! It doubles as a diaper bag, work bag and weekender bag. It's stylish and easy to clean exterior. It's large enough for your laptop and a few files but not too large to overload with stuff. Because, there is no time for you to carry around junk this year. 


Luxe Work Bag

Get it done.

Look stylish in this work bag that carries you through the never-ending meetings, conference sessions, lunch outings and working late again days. It's prettier than the basic black bag or the over-rated brown designer logo print bag (which, by the way, are not comfortable to carry). You can fit your tablet and a few files in this bag, along with a handy make up bag, when necessary.


The Convo  Clutch

That's one-of-a-kind.

Make a statement when you go to evening events this year in a hand-detailed, one of a kind custom clutch like our imported collections. This style clutch draws people in to ask about it and compliment you on your unique choice - because it just looks different. This is great for cocktail meet and greets where you would want an ice-breaker to get conversations going with strangers. 


The Sidekick

There for you, every day, for everything.

This bag is your go to for almost everything. Make it a crossbody bag with a classic neutral color. Instead of black and brown, try this serene lavender color, or a slate gray (or grey). It's versatile for every function, you can wear it over the shoulder across your body or simply hold it as a clutch. 


Before you buy, look for these traits: 

  1. CAN I DO LIFE WITH IT?  Face it, your handbag takes a beating! The right bag does not pop open annoyingly, or tear and rip on the edges after a few good uses. If it gets beat up, stuck in revolving doors, accidentally kicked under an airplane seat, smacked like a toy by your niece, dropped on the street know, the life drill, it still looks great. 

  2. IS IT VERSATILE? It looks great with at least 3 of your staple looks. Realistically, you're probably well acquainted with your personal style, and the bag can be used with most of your wardrobe.  

  3. IS IT EASY TO CLEAN? Some material is easier to clean than others, so consider this when shopping. Sure, if you smear lipstick on the interior you wouldn't much care, but if you can't get it off the exterior, you'll quickly toss it and there it goes - pouf! Your flight weekend getaway money.

Style Sheet:


By: Monica Zepeda, M.A.

As the old mantra states, "Out with the old and in with the new". You ever dumped out items from your old bag and didn't realize all the crap you carried? Unnecessary trash that you found and collected along the way. It's like that old boyfriend that you said good-bye to and meant it. Well it's that time of year to self-reflect and redefine your success like the dreamer you are a new hands-free backpack that's versatile, 'fun'-ctional, and full of au courant adventures to carry along on your journey to a New Year!



You don't need a passport to find adventure. Keep your essentials on hand with a stylish backpack as your companion for the new year ahead of you.



Being a minimalist and easy going your wallet will be all you need to hit the town and enjoy the new year.

Be Unique

As the new year approaches don't let your bag weigh you down, but keep it elegant, unique and around your shoulder.