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Top 7 Tips: New Year Resolutions 2017


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Top 7 Tips: New Year Resolutions 2017

Arisbet Cantu

How to Kill it in 2017

Okay so the NYE party is over, you are back at work and seriously considering some good change in 2017. Here are my Top 7 tips to help you make better resolutions this year, and keep them. 

1.  Buy a journal to log in your daily activity. 

Did you know that some of the most successful people keep a daily journal? Even with the variety of planning apps and organization calendars, we know that many important things still get missed. Writing in a daily journal actually helps you realize your goals. It is a form of externalizing your thoughts and memory in a way that your mobile phone cannot do for you. Also, by placing everything you need to do in one place, you are most likely to complete them. I recently discovered the Bullet Journal and have committed to follow it through this year. It's a great way to log and track your life tasks, habits, events, etc. Here's a good video demonstrating the basics on starting a bullet journal. Join me!

2. Focus in on what truly matters. 

Pick one word that you would use to describe your idea of personal success for this new year. Don’t make it about work. Be honest, if you died tomorrow would you be concerned about how many more clients you obtained or what your sales were year-to-date? Your word could be ‘health’ or ‘gratitude’; ‘family’ or ‘adventure’.  Once you decide what that one word is, you can build your goal list from there. Building the list also demands focus. Avoid making a long list of things you hope to do. Instead of setting a 5 item list or more, decide on 1-3 really solid things that you can commit to for the year.  

3. Be specific and mean it. 

Consider specificity with your resolution list. Instead of saying, "I want to lose weight this year", decide on a specific goal you can track. For example, "I am working out at the gym at least 3 times per week" or "I am hiring a nutritionist to begin personalized meal plans weekly". From there, you can tally on your journal a solid 'yes' or 'no' if the goal was met.

As you take on these big new goals, you simply have to mean it. Don’t say what you think your friends or family want to hear from you. Be true to yourself about what you want and how you want to improve this year. May your list be solely based on your true desire, otherwise it will not last.

4. Seek a friend for accountability.

This part is so important. When setting our intentions for the new year, we could absolutely use the help of a friend who can hold us accountable. When picking this friend, make sure she is the type of person who can encourage you, yet remain honest with you about your progress. It is also helpful if this person is not critical or judgmental towards you because you may have a few not-so-good days. Once you decide on the right candidate, set a time to meet with her and review your goals. She has to agree with you and have a sincere desire to encourage you through the journey. As an example, if I am trying to eat healthier, I cannot chose my friend Lisa as my accountability friend because she does not care for nutrition. Lisa will most likely be passive about it and invite me to pastries at LaDuni. (Ugh, so good...) Next.

5. Get your beauty sleep. 

We've learned through various studies that insufficient sleep (at least 8 hours on average) not only causes low energy through our day but is known to be a cause for high stress, anxiety, lack of focus and weight gain. Decide a time you will ‘shut-down’ from your mobile phone, TV or digital devices to prep your body for bed. Make your bedroom a haven for sleep by buying blackout curtains that can block light and reduce noise. Also, lavender is a great natural herb to help you rest – buy lavender oil or scents to have near your bed side.


6. Evaluate your progress at the end of the day. 

Take time at the end of your day to review and track your activity in your journal. Sometimes our perception of what we do and what we actually do is so different. I may feel like I was productive one day, but really wasted time in one area or another. Also, remember that being 'busy' through the day doing several different things does not necessarily mean you were productive. In order to determine if you were in fact productive, take the time beforehand to define what productive looks like in your life.

7. Reward yourself!

If you stay on track even 50% of the time, reward yourself! I think we often feel like we’ve missed it and failed if we did not meet something at 100%. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you go off course. Take the time to treat yourself along the way for your newly accomplished efforts. Keep going!

Cheering you on,