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NYE 2017

Arisbet Cantu

If you have plans for a night out to celebrate the new year, glam up! Why not? But kill the sequin. Here is an ageless tip on the alternative to the over-used sequin and loud dresses.

Opt for a basic solid dress that accentuates your body type. Then, binge on accessories. 

Setting the neutral ground for accessories requires a solid dress. If you have any type of design or detail on the dress, it makes the look too cluttered - even if it's a zipper, button or metal hardware detail on the dress. Solid dresses are amazing for the simple fact that you can use them as a blank canvas and add as much or as little as you need. 

Since you're binging on accessories, wear subtle make up to even things out. In general, I think wearing less make up and looking natural while dressed up looks amazingly gorgeous! You really don't have to do too much, so leave the face baking and do a light foundation with a shimmery after glow. 

NYE Accessory Binge Challenge

When you go out post your accessory binge pics, and #DeVillaDallas to win an NYE gift from us! The winner will be selected based on accessory + dress combo (because I know how sensitive we are to drop our makeup habits). Winner will be announced on Sunday on our IG, Facebook and Twitter.

Stay safe as you celebrate the new year! Remember that the best way to celebrate the start beginning of a new year is to be with those you love, special event or not.