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Success In A New Handbag

Arisbet Cantu



Featuring: Monica Zepeda, M.A.

What handbag will you rely on to get you through the year? 

Let's start with what accomplished goals will ultimately matter as you raise your glass for 2019. Are you starting a new job? Maybe you're hoping to finally meet the 'right one'. Possibly, you're determined to stay organized and progress to new projects at home and work. We have hand-picked options for you to consider, all available for purchase. 


The Backpack

Ready for Adventure

This style bag helps you prep for what may come! It doubles as a diaper bag, work bag and weekender bag. It's stylish and easy to clean exterior. It's large enough for your laptop and a few files but not too large to overload with stuff. Because, there is no time for you to carry around junk this year. 


Luxe Work Bag

Get it done.

Look stylish in this work bag that carries you through the never-ending meetings, conference sessions, lunch outings and working late again days. It's prettier than the basic black bag or the over-rated brown designer logo print bag (which, by the way, are not comfortable to carry). You can fit your tablet and a few files in this bag, along with a handy make up bag, when necessary.


The Convo  Clutch

That's one-of-a-kind.

Make a statement when you go to evening events this year in a hand-detailed, one of a kind custom clutch like our imported collections. This style clutch draws people in to ask about it and compliment you on your unique choice - because it just looks different. This is great for cocktail meet and greets where you would want an ice-breaker to get conversations going with strangers. 


The Sidekick

There for you, every day, for everything.

This bag is your go to for almost everything. Make it a crossbody bag with a classic neutral color. Instead of black and brown, try this serene lavender color, or a slate gray (or grey). It's versatile for every function, you can wear it over the shoulder across your body or simply hold it as a clutch. 


Before you buy, look for these traits: 

  1. CAN I DO LIFE WITH IT?  Face it, your handbag takes a beating! The right bag does not pop open annoyingly, or tear and rip on the edges after a few good uses. If it gets beat up, stuck in revolving doors, accidentally kicked under an airplane seat, smacked like a toy by your niece, dropped on the street know, the life drill, it still looks great. 

  2. IS IT VERSATILE? It looks great with at least 3 of your staple looks. Realistically, you're probably well acquainted with your personal style, and the bag can be used with most of your wardrobe.  

  3. IS IT EASY TO CLEAN? Some material is easier to clean than others, so consider this when shopping. Sure, if you smear lipstick on the interior you wouldn't much care, but if you can't get it off the exterior, you'll quickly toss it and there it goes - pouf! Your flight weekend getaway money.

Style Sheet:


By: Monica Zepeda, M.A.

As the old mantra states, "Out with the old and in with the new". You ever dumped out items from your old bag and didn't realize all the crap you carried? Unnecessary trash that you found and collected along the way. It's like that old boyfriend that you said good-bye to and meant it. Well it's that time of year to self-reflect and redefine your success like the dreamer you are a new hands-free backpack that's versatile, 'fun'-ctional, and full of au courant adventures to carry along on your journey to a New Year!



You don't need a passport to find adventure. Keep your essentials on hand with a stylish backpack as your companion for the new year ahead of you.



Being a minimalist and easy going your wallet will be all you need to hit the town and enjoy the new year.

Be Unique

As the new year approaches don't let your bag weigh you down, but keep it elegant, unique and around your shoulder. 

Gift Me EMPOWERMENT...Please

Arisbet Cantu


What if We Gifted EMPOWERMENT to Ourselves This Christmas?

The holiday season brings joy and cheer, but for some it can also bring stress and anxiety. Maybe you had experiences through the year that left you feeling a bit lonely this holiday, and changes have left you with feelings of worry. That is very common and you should not feel alone.

Last week, as I cleaned and re-arranged the store, I was not being careful and tipped over the dressing room mirror! OUCH. 'UGH, great', I thought. No worries, I'm okay and it happened before opening hours. Something magical happened afterward though. As I was picking up the broken pieces, I said to myself aloud, "Alright, take your time, you are cleaning up broken glass, you have to carefully take your time."

Are there broken pieces from 2017 that you are trying to clean up in your life? If so, let's pick them up together.

As you are planning and shopping this holiday, I thought, what if we GIFTED EMPOWERMENT? Who wouldn’t love a fresh new pair of winter booties under the tree this year? (You know I do.) But material gifts only go so far.

Every woman has her season and we are all in different stages. So much comes at us: the kids’ holiday program, the family gatherings, dinner with friends we’ve missed through the year, gift shopping, work events and deadlines...Must. Get. It. Done.




        I.            IT’S COMPLICATED. SO, LET ME EXPLAIN. Start by describing what you feel, to yourself. If you write it on paper it will be much clearer than if you explain it aloud to yourself or someone else.

      II.            STRATEGIZE. How am I going to help myself enjoy the season without adding additional stress to my life? Maybe you do have to hit ‘decline’ on a party invite and make time to pamper yourself.  




Loneliness is tricky. You can feel lonely in a room full of family, simply because. What works for me is going to church. Even if you do not attend church regularly, hear me out. Going to church and sitting in the pew, even alone, helps you tons! The minister is sharing a message that can speak to your heart and current situation. The room is full of people with good vibes and positivity, welcoming you with smiles and open arms. It reminds you that people do care. And if a stranger can show that much care for you, you’ll remember that your loved ones actually DO care, even if you feel they don’t understand. And if you can feel safe and present with complete strangers, you can enjoy the holidays knowing you can feel safe and present with those you love.


What a crazy year of violence we have had! That alone is enough to wonder as we gather together in the settling dust of a string of mass shootings (including the November attack in Texas), IF we can actually enjoy the holiday in peace. Some of us will look closer to home and deal with the aftermath of family feuds, or tension in the workplace. Take time away and pray. Sit in silence or soothing music if you'd like and relax. Feeling guilt or burdens of responsibility can leave you feeling anxious. We can deal with guilt, possibly, by simply asking for forgiveness and make things right. Get a healthy time of rest and make sure you are eating well. Not doing so could make your anxiety worse. Research natural supplements and natural herbal treatments for anxiety. This eliminates you experiencing extra side effects from medications and may do the job to help you chill without having to take medication. Read, listen to music, or go jogging to release it all. I read the Bible and it helps me A LOT when I get anxious, nervous or afraid.

Philippians 4:6-7 says, "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."




Eek, this could be a result of many things. As an example, if you are a new divorcee going through the stress of daily negative communication with your ex-spouse. Self-control. Don't allow yourself to go there. And by there being the war of the words, be it by phone or in person. Heartbreak. Just don't...we all need that self-control. Or if you emotionally over-eat and excuse yourself this time of year to make yourself feel better. Try pausing as you chew and notice your breathing. Doing that can help prevent you from eating too quickly and you’ll be able to notice when you feel full. Or if you have struggled with addictions, like alcohol, and unsure if you can make it through Christmas and NYE parties. If it’s an addiction or you are simply trying to stay away from it because you’re afraid you may emotionally drink your cares away - get a lot of support. Let others know about your sobriety goal and have a personal trigger that keeps you from going there. Ask if you can bring your own refresher, like a fizzy and festive mocktail. Make it fun, cheers!



“I’m fine, it is what it is.” She said. ‘Hmmm’, I thought, ‘I would not be fine if I was in your shoes girl. A divorce is a lot to go through’. Lauren* is a dear friend and customer. “Like I want to be okay with the cards dealt to me and just heal already so I can get on with my life. He left, has a new wife and I need to just hurry up and get over it.” Just like the broken mirror in my store that day, there are tragic events that occur in life where we must carefully take the time to patiently restore ourselves. Some events lead us to experience hurt, pain or loss, and leave a very broken mess in our lives. Sometimes, it cannot be something we just hurry up and heal from. Give yourself a break, let yourself mourn or cry. Be ok with the yucky feelings that come from damage done. Feel them, process it and get some good counseling to help you through it. Keep positive voices around you of support, who will motivate and influence you to improve. You may need to hit pause, or even end some relationships, and that is okay. Take the time to heal.

*Names are changed to protect identity. 


OMG I feel you. I don’t want to go to certain gatherings either! Eeek. Anytime I don’t want to do something, but I absolutely must - I turn it into a game. Okay I know it sounds silly, but just hear me out, it works. You have to go but are dreading every moment prior to and just dying before you even step through the door. Make it a game by setting rules, determining a winning score and a grand prize if you 'win'.

  1. SET GAME RULES: Rule number one can be, “Just smile.” If you smile when you greet anyone you get x points. Rule number two can be, “Give ___(person you are not fond of)____ a genuine compliment.” And you get x amount of points for that. And so on…have fun with it.
  2. DETERMINE YOUR WINNING SCORE: Set a goal of how many points you need to ‘WIN the game’ at the end of it. At the end of the night, tally your points to see if you 'won'. 
  3. REWARD YOURSELF BIG. Whatever prize you’d like. For me it wouldn't be something big necessarily, just something I like. For example, dessert and wine at my favorite restaurant.


You don’t HAVE to do anything. You have options and one of those is to cancel everything and stay home. You can pray alone. You can cry alone. Get it all out of your system. Throw on your PJs. Watch a comedy or your favorite holiday movie. Invite a close friend or relative to join you for a bit, or just snuggle with your pet. Don’t have one? Borrow one, pets are very therapeutic. If it’s not that bad to where you don’t want to be alone, just DO LESS. Make your involvement minimal and simple, and be sure to let people know ahead of time so they don’t expect a lot.

Finally, don’t buy so much stuff.

What!? Yes, just put the credit card down, and blow on it girl it is on fire. You have enough stuff. Keep Christmas simple and say no to stuff that will get lost or broken and forgotten with time. But also say no to stress and no to offenses. No to the hurts people have caused you out of their own brokenness that had nothing to do with you. Say no to unrealistic expectations from your loved ones, say no to rejection. You are MORE than enough, just as you are today. Focus instead on keeping it simple and celebrating the joy and cheer that comes with the season. Make more meaningful memories doing things that sincerely matter to you. 

May God bless you with love, contentment and joy this season!



About the CABRONA Tee

Arisbet Cantu


"Every woman needs a little CABRONA in her..." - Arisbet

SEPT. 2017 NOTE: Proceeds from the sale of each shirt are donated to help the victims of Mexico city's earthquake. 

OK so to be clear, I'm not going by the literal translation here. Cabrona is translated into English as 'bitch'. I think taking on the attitude of being a bitch is destructive, to say the least. I mean cabrona in a different sense. In my opinion, cabrona has taken on a different cultural meaning over time. Let me explain.

What I DO NOT mean...

My mom taught me NOT to be a cabrona when I was young. She would say, "No seas una cabrona con tu hermano Arisbet" which, in most cases, meant I was misbehaving by being mean to my older brother. In my defense, I was only defending myself. That's not what I mean.

There is also cabrón - the male version. That translates as jerk or asshole, or a man who is vengeful or a trickster in his ways. That remains the same. I've also heard that some use it to mean a man who has been cheated on but I've never heard anyone use the word in that meaning.

There is another term, 'encabronado' or 'encabronada', which is the male and female word for the person being livid. Extreme anger as a state of being, "Está encabronada." Or to be very angry at someone. She got mad at him can be said, "Ella se encabrono con él." That's not what I mean. 

Then there's the use of the word to refer to something cool which is, "Esta cabrón". And similarly, the use is to describe when things are difficult. You would say the same thing just in a different way, "No pos...ta cabrón". That's not what I mean.

When life gives you lemons, be a cabrona.

What I mean by cabrona is in direct response to life's challenges and...unwanted crap. From injustices, or being mistreated, to dealing with really difficult life circumstances - I think it is good for a woman to be a cabrona sometimes. The CABRONA Tee is a simple reminder to who is wearing it. It means to:

  • Be fearless.
  • Be courageous.
  • Have a healthy self-confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Have a strong sense of self-identity.
  • Have a mind of your own and don't allow others to think for you, or make decisions for you.
  • Not make decisions based on feelings. 
  • Not be a push-over. 
  • Be aware enough of your surroundings to evaluate a situation accurately. 
  • Be authentic and REAL 100% of the time - to yourself and others.
  • Be able to defend yourself and not need others to do it for you. 
  • Demonstrate grit and overcome the toughest challenges. (Leave no room for a victim mentality.)
  • Be too focused on your own life goals to engage in "chisme" (gossip).
  • Work hard at becoming a better version of yourself.
  • Not allow others to mistreat you, or treat you less than you deserve.

I could list a few more but this list describes it well. I must say, like most things in life, this all develops and solidifies with time.  I think every woman has a little bit of cabrona in her and it comes up every now and then. Some of the sweetest women I know are cabronas when they need to be. You don't have to be a mean person all the time, or carry RBF to be a cabrona. Being mean, vengeful or hateful are negative and very weak traits.

You need real cabronas in your life. 

Seriously. Not only should you be one, as needed, but you need to surround yourself with some. Because they will most often remind you to get up and recover yourself back to 100% after the worst problems arise in your life. Be quick to step away from women with low self-esteem. They come with impressive college degrees by the way, so don't let that distract you. You can hear them disclose they have low self-esteem if you just listen for it. That's for another blog post. I've spoken to customers at DEVILLA who describe their friendships incredibly poorly, at every age level. Some customers I've spoken to have friends who criticize the way they look, or only call them when they need something. I've talked some into getting rid of them and getting real friends. LOL! I've talked some into leaving the guy they were talking to. Not sorry. I've encouraged some to begin job hunting for a new boss. You can't get anywhere in life if you keep dead end relationships. 

The real Cabrona was Katie, not Regina George


This is why. The woman who does the right thing even when it is difficult, owns up to her mistakes and takes time to correct herself is a true cabrona. Although she started with not identity, Katie figured out who she was and started acting like it. She stopped making decisions others wanted her to make. She embraced being her smart self. She complemented other women when she was given the stage. She was given a crown and broke it into pieces to give to other women, including her frienemy. 

If you are Latina, the real cabrona was Mari-Mar not Soraya.

Soraya is who most people would say is a cabrona. She's not. It's hard to watch scenes from the novela and not feel sorry for her! She was vengeful, scheming, placed a lot of attention on her looks, had low self-esteem and lived always on the defense. Watching it over and listening to Maria's responses you get a good sense of her solid self-value and personal empowerment to overcome every issue she faced. 

Get the popcorn ready for the fab flashback, such a good novela! Enjoy these top 10 enfrentamientos.

And of course, enjoy the shirt.